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A Patio Gazebo for Year-Round Backyard Shade

A Patio Gazebo for Year-Round Backyard Shade

Give your patio or deck a sturdy, functional shade solution that will also enhance the look of your backyard space.

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    Monteserra Gazebo 10x12 ft.
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An affordable, reliable patio gazebo will not only look great in your backyard space, but it will also provide protection from the sun while you work, relax, or entertain family and friends. They also provide a great return on investment: even a small patio gazebo can help boost the value of your property.

Choose from a variety of hardtop and soft top patio gazebos that are made and marketed by SOJAG. These options include roofs made of polycarbonate, galvanized steel, or fabric, which sit atop powder coated aluminum frames. The frames and galvanized steel roofs are treated to prevent corrosion and will keep your patio gazebo looking beautiful season after season.


SOJAG Standard, Premium, and Superior Aluminum Patio Gazebos

SOJAG manufactures and sells three tiers of aluminum patio gazebos: Standard, Premium, and Superior.

A Standard Gazebo can add both style and function to your patio, deck, or pool area, and are made of quality materials and have an attractive price-point. A standard metal patio gazebo can give your backyard a new look and raise the value of your property.

When your backyard entertainment space calls for a, sophisticated, top level Premium Gazebo, you can trust SOJAG to provide an elegant source of patio shade. Made with ultra-durable, rust-resistant galvanized steel and other top-of-the-line materials, our premium patio gazebos are in a class of their own when it comes to upscale garden shade. 

Our selection of attractive Superior Gazebos are made with best-in-class materials and will bring stylish design and outstanding shade to your backyard patio space. Made with exceptional grade materials like polycarbonate and galvanized steel, our superior patio gazebos will give your backyard space an attractive, sophisticated upgrade. 


Freestanding Patio Gazebos for the Favorite Area of your Backyard

A freestanding patio gazebo can be installed to create a shady spot anywhere in your yard. Unlike wall-mounted patio gazebos, freestanding patio gazebos are completely self-supporting structures, which means you can place them anywhere on your property. A freestanding outdoor patio gazebo is open on all four sides to give you frequent air circulation and an unobstructed view of your beautiful backyard space.

Freestanding patio gazebos have quality aluminum frames that support a roof and are treated to prevent corrosion. Hardtop patio gazebos have galvanized steel or polycarbonate roofs, while soft top patio gazebos have fabric roofs that can be removed during the winter months. They come equipped with mosquito netting, which can be drawn closed to keep bugs and pests out. Optional curtains can be purchased and used to keep the wind or sun from ruining your day, to keep warmth in on a colder day, or to create a private, more intimate setting.

Our freestanding patios gazebos for sale can be installed on the patio or deck, on a concrete foundation, or even on a flat grassy area in your yard. Before you install your freestanding steel hardtop gazebo, you should refer to our anchor guide to learn how to safely secure your outdoor gazebo. A backyard gazebo will add a touch of elegance to your backyard design and it will quickly become your family’s favorite place to hang out.


Wall-Mounted Patio Gazebos for the Patio

A wall-mounted patio gazebo can upgrade your backyard deck or patio by creating a cover that provides protection from the rain, snow, and the sun’s harmful UV rays. SOJAG wall-mounted patio gazebos are attached to an exterior wall of your home. Like freestanding patio gazebos, wall-mounted gazebos can also be mounted on and anchored to any patio surface.

Wall-mounted gazebos have powder-coated aluminum frames that provide stylish support to your patio gazebo roof. Hard top wall-mounted patio gazebos have galvanized steel or polycarbonate roofs, and soft top wall-mounted gazebos have fabric roofs that can be removed during the winter months.

During the summer, you can enjoy a cool breeze when it blows through the three open sides of your wall-mounted patio gazebo. You can also draw the gazebo’s mosquito netting closed and stay safe from flying insects and other pests. On cool evenings, you can get added protection from separately sold gazebo curtains. The curtains can enclose your outdoor gazebo and create a sheltered space and extend your outdoor season well into the fall or winter.


Grill Gazebos to Complement your Patio

A grill gazebo for the patio takes the style and elegance of a hardtop metal gazebo and adds the functionality of shelves for preparing and serving food. A steel grill gazebo for the patio or deck is perfect for grill masters whether they are beginners or professional pit masters and can also give your backyard and updated look. The small metal gazebo for the patio offers sufficient protection for grills and can be used year-round as a stylish grill cover. In addition, these hardtop patio gazebo for the grill will offer your barbeque grill chef safety from the elements and two convenient and practical cooking areas to work on.

Hard top grill gazebos feature a strong galvanized steel roof that will keep wind, rain, and harmful UV rays away from you, your grill, and your food. The galvanized and powder coated steel frame and roof of the hardtop grill gazebo prevents corrosion and rust, so your outdoor patio structure will look great year after year. Hard top grill gazebos feature a shelf on both sides, which offers an added layer of convenience and areas to prep and serve meals.


Patio Gazebos for More Than Just the Patio

Whether you want one for hosting family gatherings, or for personal downtime in your backyard space, an outdoor patio gazebo can be used in so many different ways. Along with being used to cover outdoor furniture or a dining area, a patio gazebo can be a very versatile backyard shade structure.

If you have a swimming pool, then a patio gazebo could be the perfect place to escape the sun’s harmful rays. Used as a pool cabana, your gazebo can provide a poolside sitting area, a place to recline in your beach chair, or as a cover for your poolside bar. Curtains can be added to your patio gazebo to provide your guests some privacy while they change in and out of their swimsuits.

A patio gazebo with a steel roof will protect you from the sun’s damaging UV rays while you enjoy time in your hot tub. With the addition of gazebo curtains, which are purchased separately, you can have additional privacy. And when your hot tub is not in use, the gazebo curtains can be drawn closed to keep unwanted guests out.

In addition, a wall-mounted patio gazebo can make a great outdoor streaming room for viewing movies, concerts, or the big game. You can make a patio gazebo your personal theater: just mount a flat panel television screen to the wall of your house and arrange your patio furniture or portable chairs however you’d like for optimum viewing.

A patio gazebo can also make a great cover for your outdoor kitchen. The gazebo will protect your appliances, furniture, fixtures, family, and guests from the rain, snow, and sun, and can allow you to extend the use of your outdoor kitchen beyond the summer months.

Patio Gazebo Clearance Sales

Looking for additional savings on a patio gazebo? Check the ShelterLogic Group website for patio gazebo clearance sales. When there is a patio gazebo clearance sale, those price reductions will be posted on this site. A gazebo on patio can be even better when it’s a patio gazebo clearance.