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Hot Tub Enclosures for Poolside Privacy

Hot Tub Enclosures for Poolside Privacy

Your hot tub is a major investment. A hot tub enclosure will keep it protected and increase your usage.

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If you’re going to have a hot tub on your patio or deck, then you’ll need a year-round hot tub enclosure to make it last longer. SOJAG manufactures and sells metal gazebos and other sturdy structures that can be used as a dependable outdoor hot tub enclosure for your backyard space.

A hot tub and gazebo go hand-in-hand. Putting a gazebo over hot tub protects it from the elements. In addition, hot tub enclosures can also protect your hot tub’s cabinets, the water inside your hot tub, and even keep the cover from getting damaged. Not only that, but a hot tub gazebo also protects the bather from the sun’s harmful UV rays, can offer protection from pesky insects, and offer up some privacy.


What is a Hot Tub Gazebo?

A hot tub privacy gazebo enclosure is a sturdy, appealing structure that is designed to protect your swim spa and its users from the elements.

You can choose from a variety of hardtop and soft top metal gazebos as a hot tub enclosure option. These solid, attractive structures have powder coated aluminum frames and either fabric, polycarbonate, or galvanized steel roofs.

Polycarbonate roofs are made of very strong, lightweight, and durable thermoplastic panels that allow filtered sunlight to shine into your hot tub gazebo. Roofs of this style give hot tub enclosures retractable roof, which allows you to let sunlight in if you choose, and to vent the structure while the hot tub is in use.

Strong galvanized steel roofs have a powder coated finish to prevent corrosion, which will allow your hot tub enclosure to last for years. Fabric roofs can give your hot tub enclosure an elegant look, and be taken down, cleaned, and stored during the winter months.

Our metal gazebos come equipped with a set of mosquito netting, made of PVC-coated polyester mesh, which is extremely durable and can also reduce wind and sun exposure. You can also purchase a set of gazebo curtains separately to offer additional privacy or to keep people out when you don’t want your poolside gazebo used.


SOJAG Standard, Premium, and Superior Aluminum Hot Tub Canopy Gazebos

When your backyard space calls for a sophisticated state-of-the-art outdoor hot tub canopy gazebo, you can trust SOJAG to provide an excellent solution.

A Standard Gazebo can add both elegance and function to your swim spa. A standard hot tub enclosure is made of quality materials, has an attractive price-point, and can give your patio, deck, or poolside a whole new look.

Premium Gazebos are made with ultra-strong aluminum, rust-resistant galvanized steel, and other high-quality materials, and are first in class for upscale hot tub protection. A premium hot tub enclosure can give you the bug-free backyard retreat you’ve always wanted.

Our range of beautiful Superior Gazebos are made with outstanding quality materials and will create both a stylish look, exceptional shade, and protection from the elements. A well-built superior metal hot tub enclosure will give your backyard space an appealing update and help the value of your property rise.   


Wall-Mounted Hot Tub Enclosures for Your Backyard Getaway

Is your hot tub located near your back door? A stylish wall-mounted hot tub enclosure is the prefect solution for a deck or patio area.

SOJAG wall-mounted hot tub enclosures are anchored to an exterior wall of your home. These sturdy wall-mounted hot tub enclosures feature powder-coated aluminum frames that give the structure tremendous strength and support. Hardtop wall-mounted gazebos have galvanized steel or polycarbonate roofs, while soft top wall-mounted gazebos have fabric roofs that can be removed during the winter months.


Freestanding Hot Tub Enclosures for Your Backyard Getaway

A classy freestanding permanent hot tub enclosure can be installed anywhere in your yard to create a wonderful swim spa retreat. Unlike wall-mounted gazebos, freestanding gazebos are completely self-supporting structures, which means they can go anywhere that you want to place a foundation. A freestanding hot tub enclosure is open on all four sides to give you regular air circulation and an open view of your picturesque backyard space.

Freestanding hot tub enclosures includes powder coated aluminum frames that are treated to resist corrosion. Hardtop hot tub enclosures have galvanized steel or retractable polycarbonate roofs, while soft top gazebos have fabric roofs that can be removed during the winter months. The gazebo net can be closed keep bugs and pests out. Optional curtains can be purchased to keep the wind or sun from ruining your day, or to create a hot tub enclosure with sides.

A freestanding hot tub enclosure will beautify your backyard landscape. It can be installed on a wood, stone, brick, or concrete surface. Before installing your freestanding steel hardtop gazebo, use our anchor guide to find out which anchors will safely secure your hot tub enclosure.


Pergolas and Solariums as Outdoor Hot Tub Enclosures

In addition to a wide variety of metal gazebos, SOJAG also manufactures pergolas and solariums that can be used as outdoor hot tub enclosures.


A Solarium for an Indoor Hot Tub Vibe

Similar to a gazebo, a solarium is a sunroom that can be an extension of your indoor space or a freestanding room in your backyard. Solariums allow in plenty of sunlight while still keeping you away from the elements outside. Solariums are built with solid powder coated aluminum frames and galvanized steel roofs and are made to last season after season. They come equipped with mosquito netting to keep the bugs out and clear PVC windows that slide open or shut. Both freestanding and wall-mounted options can be an excellent choice as a hot tub enclosure.

Wall-mounted solariums are secured to an exterior wall of your home. They’re often installed on a wooden deck or concrete pad. Building a sunroom in front of your sliding back door extends your living space into the backyard, and you’ll be able to walk from your back door directly into your hot tub without having to go outside.

Freestanding solariums can be placed anywhere in your backyard. They are the perfect outdoor space for creating hot tub shelter and will transform your backyard space. A freestanding solarium can be built near your pool to give you the ultimate swim spa.


A Pergola as a Contemporary Hot Tub Enclosure

If your hot tub is out by your pool or standing free in your backyard, then a sturdy metal pergola can give it a contemporary look. A powder coated aluminum framed pergola does not have a solid roof, but fabric can be hung over the top to offer shade and weather protection. Instead of a solid roof, a pergola has beams along the top.


Winter Protection for Your Freestanding Hot Tub Gazebo

During the colder months, you may want to winterize your hot tub and shut it down for the season. After it is winterized, you can keep your hot tub and gazebo protected with a universal winter gazebo cover. These covers are made of durable, rugged polyethylene and are designed to safeguard your freestanding hot tub enclosure from harsh winter weather. A universal winter gazebo cover allows you to boost the life of your hot tub gazebo by protecting its roof panels and frame from the elements.


Hot Tub Enclosure Clearance Sales

Looking for additional savings on a hot tub enclosure? Check the ShelterLogic Group website for hot tub enclosure clearance sales. When there is a hot tub enclosure clearance sale, those price reductions will be posted on this site.